November 27, 2021 5:26 AM STI

Bhind (Madhya Pradesh) [India]Nov. 27 (ANI): In a new revelation in the Amazon drug trafficking case, ten traffickers were found registered at the same address from which marijuana was smuggled into Madhya Pradesh in Bhind, reported the police.
Recently, the Madhya Pradesh police dismantled an alleged racketeering of the sale of marijuana in the name of “Kadi Patta” via Amazon and arrested three defendants.
A Gujarat-based textile company, Babu Tex, was involved in drug dealing in Madhya Pradesh in the drug trafficking case.
“Amazon has informed that 10 other dealers are registered at the same address (Babu Tex), of which six sellers provided 360 packs of marijuana worth Rs 47 lakh (via PhonePe)”, said the police superintendent of Bhind, Manoj Kumar.
“After registering the business as Babu Tex, the marijuana was being supplied to different parts of the country through the business,” the SP said.

In this case, arrests were also made in Visakhapatnam including Bhind and Gwalior., Added the SP.
“The buyers are the same as those who bought from Babu Tex,” he added.
“A police team was sent to Vizag to gather information. The FIR was housed there.”
Amazon was asked to provide information on sellers, transportation, and warehouse.
Bhind SP had appealed for cooperation in the investigation into the Amazon company, after which on Friday a team of four, including Amazon company legal officer Swati Agarwal and attorney Sumant Narang, arrived in Bhind and met SP Manoj Kumar Singh.
The SP had a conversation with the Amazon team.
Other investigations are in progress. (ANI)

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