The constant evolution and improvement of Milton Keynes Toyota’s retail formula has been recognized by the judges, with Steven Eagell’s flagship site being named Top Dealer at the 2021 AM Awards.

Read on to learn more about the car dealership entry:

Milton Keynes’ flagship of Steven Eagell’s network of 22 Toyota Centers has demonstrated how a focus on customer satisfaction can be a catalyst for improvements in all areas of a business.

With a group focused on CSI, the Milton Keynes dealership’s position as the original Toyota dealership story meant that Steven Eagell had to achieve great things. And that’s what he did.

In three years until 2020, the CSI service increased from 61.6% to 80.9%; sales from 85.8% to 95.7%, with an improvement in overall ratings from 73.7% to 88.3%.

During the same period, profit before tax increased by 188%.

And with a return on sales of nearly 4% last year and new and used car margins in the top 5% of the Toyota GB network, Milton Keynes is the group’s most profitable dealership.

“As our largest Toyota dealership, we wanted to deliver top performance in 2020,” said David Godley, Group Marketing Director.

It was done through communication. In monthly performance reviews, CSI scores are analyzed in detail, customer verbatims are reviewed to identify underperformance, and solutions have been implemented.

One example was bad parking for customers, so a parking attendant was employed.

The sales and after-sales teams are empowered to resolve issues at the site level. They use tools such as the “voice of the customer,” which brings together customer feedback and segments into business areas, enabling targeted improvements, without the need for manager involvement.

For used cars, each salesperson is responsible for producing at least two videos per day. The result was that responses to the videos went from under 50 per month to over 500.

A “sales progressor” has also been recruited to ensure that all vehicles are prepared, photographed and posted on Steven Eagell and third party websites within 72 hours of arriving at the site. The result was a 43% improvement in used car margins.

Success is investing, so the company is looking to increase the number of sales and renewal teams, continually invest in training, and of course continue to keep customers and employees happy.

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