“About half of the cars are gone and I realize we’ve been hit,” Henry said.

Henry says the thieves entered through a hole in the roof, after unsuccessfully passing through the back door.

“They shut down the Internet, they shut down the surveillance equipment. They certainly knew what they were doing, ”Henry said.

He says the crooks also took away surveillance equipment with the footage. As for the cameras, they were covered with post-it notes.

But that’s not all, around 8 cars have been stolen and as of December 28, two of them have been recovered.

Although the thieves may have taken some cars, they left clues inside one of the cars recovered from a residential area.

“Inside the sleeve of that door they left a receipt for McDonald’s. They had breakfast right after the breakage at 8:18 am, ”said Henry.

In surveillance footage provided by McDonald’s on Eubank and Candelaria, a white car is seen driving to drive-thru with a quick glance at the driver.

While some cars are still missing, Henry says that doesn’t stop him from doing the good he does for the community. Henry runs his own cooking show at the dealership, where he distributes cars. And the theft didn’t stop that from happening.

“Thank goodness they left the studio untouched, we decided to go ahead with the show and deliver the Jeep to Phoenix the same weekend, even though we were pummeled with eight cars missing.”

Henry says he hopes the thieves will be stopped and plans to bring more security measures to his business.

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