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On Tuesday June 27, the Society of Motor Manufacturers and Traders (SMMT) pressured the government to take urgent action to tackle the effects of soaring energy prices on the motor industry.

Since December 2021, wholesale energy prices have soared, with the Ukrainian conflict reducing natural gas supplies to Europe. Worse is potentially yet to come, with Russia imposing an additional 40% cut on gas flow through the Nord Stream 1 pipeline, Europe’s largest source of gas imports.

Auto dealers coming to the end of fixed-rate energy contracts find that renewal rates have doubled, adding financial pressure to an already difficult economic environment.

AquaSwitch, a utility expert for businesses, offers the following tips to mitigate soaring business energy costs.

Three simple tips to reduce energy consumption

Dealers pay electricity and gas charges based on the number of kWh units of energy consumed. The surest way to save on energy costs is to reduce unnecessary consumption. Here are three simple steps to reduce energy consumption:

I. Smart Timers – Everyday equipment such as printers and scanners typically stay in sleep mode, waiting for a command to spring into action. While this is useful in the middle of the day, it’s almost useless in the middle of the night. Setting the equipment to shut down completely at the end of the working day will make a big difference.

ii. Eco mode – Modern equipment, in line with recent energy efficiency legislation, usually has the option of operating in eco mode. Taking the example of a dishwasher, an eco-mode cycle will take a little longer to run but will use 30% less energy to complete its job.

iii. Monitor and analyze your energy consumption – If you are a multi-site dealership, installing smart meters linked to a monitoring system will help you manage and reduce energy consumption. Energy monitoring software makes it possible to compare the consumption of dealerships and reconditioning centers site by site. You’ll quickly identify outliers that may suggest inefficient equipment and processes.

Compare energy prices for businesses.

Energy prices for businesses are very volatile with many different suppliers competing to provide the best deals. In these difficult times, it is essential to ensure that you are paying competitive rates.

We recommend using a business price comparison tool to compare the renewal rates offered to alternative quotes from across the market. Request a free, no-obligation professional energy comparison quote with AquaSwitch in just a few clicks here.


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