Barrie auto dealers hoping to turn the page on vehicle shortages will have to wait a while longer.

A shortage of microchips during the pandemic has rattled the auto industry when it comes to meeting consumer demand.

The lack of production has reduced the number of dealerships in Barrie, with inventory harder to replenish than ever.

“We saw a slight increase in supply earlier in the year, and lately we’ve seen a slight decline in numbers, a bit more concern about chip supply,” said Ralph Murphy, Georgian Chevrolet. . General Manager of Buick GMC.

According to Murphy, the shortage has created a standard five-month waiting period for those looking to order a new vehicle.

For those buying high-end vehicles, that wait is even longer.

“Because of the shortage of new car inventory, this creates a shortage of used car inventory,” said Tim Hoogaars, general manager of Acura of Barrie.

“What we’re seeing is that consumers are fixing their cars more than they are in a business cycle because a lot of consumers aren’t comfortable with pre-ordering their cars.”

At Moffatt’s Mazda, the dealership shifted its marketing strategy slightly, focusing on attracting more salespeople to fill its lot.

“Whether it’s lease buyouts, someone doing business, there are tons of areas where we cater to them,” said Mark Moffatt, general manager of sales.

“Online, auctions, you name it and every brand’s genre, we’re looking to attract as many as we can.”

While the summer has been more or less the same, all three dealers hope chip shortages will rebound by the end of the year.


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