CLEVELAND, Ohio – The Ohio Department of Health does not release the number of positive coronavirus cases among vaccinated Ohioans, even though residents are asking for the information.

We’re talking about groundbreaking cases on Today in Ohio.

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Here are the questions we answer today:

Readers of and The Plain Dealer constantly ask us to break down Covid deaths and hospitalizations of those who are vaccinated and those who are not. Why can’t we do this?

What’s the latest tactic by anti-vaccine campaigners to stop elected leaders from pushing vaccines, and not just for the coronavirus?

Are we going to have a Democratic primary for the Cuyahoga County executive in 2022? Who is the candidate who could oppose longtime University Circle leader Chris Ronayne for the seat vacated by Armond Budish after two terms?

How are some states doing what Ohio and Bill Seitz are resisting, trying to end the huge subsidies that energy customers pay for old coal plants in Ohio and Indiana?

It was first a new series of postponed elective surgeries. Now is the visit. What policy from the start of the pandemic are some Cleveland hospital systems bringing back to deal with the recent increase in coronavirus cases?

What did Cleveland City Council do at its last meeting of the year, the last meeting of this version of council and the last meeting of Mayor Frank Jackson’s administration?

Why is it so difficult for Cuyahoga County to fill a position dedicated to reducing the prison population, making it a safer place?

Why did car sales drop so much in November?

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