PEORIA, Ill. (WMBD) – Car dealership batches appear to be scarce due to low stock of cars across the country, linked to the supply chain and manufacturing delays.

However, a local car dealership said that even though their parking lot appears empty, more cars are available online.

Bob Lindsay Honda in Peoria has pre-sold cars, in addition to selling the lot.

The general manager said his team was notified of the cars they would get within 30 to 90 days, which would allow customers to purchase those cars sooner.

The dealership has seen the car inventory shortage over the past six months and expects it to end in mid-2022. But the general manager has said so far that communication between dealers and customers is essential.

“We just try to communicate with them well and let them know the expectations up front when the car is planning to be here. There could be delays, we communicate with them about that and the customers have been patient,” said Bob Lindsay Honda general manager Mike Bowermaster.

On January 1, a new Illinois law will come into effect, allowing car owners to get full tax credits if they trade in their car for a new one. So Bowermaster said now is the perfect time to buy a car.


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