“I think every fuse lights with an igniter and I hope we are an igniter,” said owner Brion Stapp.

FREDERICK, Colo .– A car dealership in Frederick is going green in spectacular fashion.

At Stapp Interstate Toyota in Frederick, they combined solar panels with anti-hail awnings, the first dealership in the world to do so. The total cost of the project was approximately $ 2 million.

“We figured if we were going to do it, we were going to give it our all,” said owner Brion Stapp. “It’s a big investment.”

Almost all of the concession’s inventory is covered with solar panels and hail protection. Protect cars, generate electricity and provide an outdoor showroom.

“We have 720 bi-facial solar panels producing over 375,000 kilowatts per hour on an annual basis,” Stapp said. “We can cover 345 cars for a total of 100% hail protection at our dealership. “

Not only does the dealership save about $ 8,000 per month on electricity, it also saves money on insurance claims after the devastating hailstorms of a few years ago.

“Between 2018 and 2019, we had four massive hailstorms that affected our dealership,” Stapp said.

An innovative project that they hope will drive greater environmental change in Colorado.

“I think every fuse lights with an igniter and I hope we are an igniter for that, whether in the automotive industry and quite frankly companies that are willing to use their property to generate power. solar, ”Stapp said.

Solar panels are hard to miss as you walk past the dealership which the owner says helps grab attention and customers in the lot.

“Being located on I-25, we have a great presence that has an immediate impact on our customers as they pass by and it catches their attention.”

Stapp says they were able to use government rebates to help offset the cost of the project.

“It’s an incredibly expensive project to do. And I think a lot of companies are focusing on what’s coming the next day, next month, and maybe not looking into the decades to come,” said Stapp.

So far, the dealership estimates it has saved over $ 45,000 in electric bills.

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