The JF Motors family of dealerships, which includes Luxury Automotive Club on Northern Boulevard, has reached a settlement with the DCWP after being accused of defrauding its customers (GMaps)

May 4, 2022 By Christian Murray

A Woodside-based company with used car dealerships on Northern Boulevard has reached a $375,000 settlement with the Department of Consumer and Worker Protection after being accused of defrauding customers of thousands of dollars.

JF Motors, headquartered at 60-20 Northern Blvd., advertised its vehicles online at very competitive prices, only to charge consumers thousands of dollars more through incidental fees.

The company, which operates Automania as well as the Luxury Automotive Club on Northern Boulevard, agreed to pay $225,000 in full restitution to its customers and $150,000 in civil penalties. The company also agreed to relinquish its licenses, preventing it from operating a used car dealership for at least two years.

As part of the settlement, 16 consumers are awarded restitution totaling $199,600, leaving $25,400 available for new plaintiffs.

“Going after New Yorkers looking to buy a used car is not only wrong, it’s illegal. With this settlement, we have taken swift action to hold these shady dealers accountable,” New York City Mayor Eric Adams said in a statement.

The JF Motors family of dealerships, which includes Automania at 55-11 Northern Blvd., reached a settlement with the DCWP after being accused of misleading its customers (GMaps)

According to the complaint, JF Motors would raise the price well above the special offers it offered online. For example, in one instance, he advertised a “special internet price” of $15,795 and then added a bogus fee, raising the sale price to $23,780, according to the Department of Consumer and Worker Protection ( DCWP).

The DCWP said dealers also market many of their vehicles as “certified pre-owned” when they are not.

They used the certification to raise the price because a CPO vehicle typically sells for about $1,000 more than the same model without certification, according to the complaint.

Dealers also charged illegal mandatory “certification fees,” a practice that violates consumer protection laws. In some cases, bogus certification fees amounted to $3,000 or more, even though the vehicles were not actually certified.

CPO vehicles must undergo a 125-point inspection by a qualified mechanic. Plus, CPO vehicle buyers enjoy a 10-year/100,000 warranty and receive a vehicle history report.

JF Motors dealerships, however, failed to make repairs when CPO vehicles broke down, often with issues that should have been uncovered during the 125-point inspection, according to the complaint.

There were also instances of random incidental charges, according to the complaint. Some were charged for tire and wheel insurance or anti-theft systems. They weren’t detailed on the sales contract, just added to the price.

A buyer found he was charged $1,979 for an anti-theft system that was never requested or installed, according to the complaint.

“When New Yorkers buy a used car, they expect to get a fair and honest deal,” said DCWP Commissioner Vilda Vera Mayuga. “With this settlement, we are offering thousands of dollars in restitution to victims of JF Motors and sending a clear message to the used car industry that DCWP will hold them accountable if they choose to mislead their customers.”

The DCWP encourages New Yorkers looking to buy a used car to read the Used Car Consumer Bill of Rights, which dealers are required to display and give to every consumer before signing a contract. sale.

The statement of rights must be provided to the consumer in the language in which the contract was negotiated.

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