CLINTON, Mississippi (WLBT) – The Clinton Police Department established its own narcotics division in October and Mayor Phil Fisher has said their main goal is to keep drugs out of the city.

“We have a narcotics unit because we have I-20 and there’s a lot of east-to-west traffic that has to be picked up somewhere along the lines.”

Captain Josh Frazier is captain with Clinton PD. He says that in just 2 months the department is proving to be both useful and efficient.

“Since October, our division has seized two vehicles, more than $ 5,000 in cash, twenty weapons, weapons carried illegally by drug traffickers of course, other drugs, marijuana, heroin. , cocaine, ecstasy, methamphetamine.

Before the division, the department used patrollers to remove drugs from the streets. Now agents like Anthony Fox are specifically used to focusing on eliminating drug dealers, traffickers and their operations.

“The more drugs we take off the streets, the safer our community will become. The more illegal guns we remove from the streets, the safer our city will be. ”

Captain Frazier says the division will protect the city by interfering with the operations of drug traffickers by taking weapons and vehicles.

“It will help us in a number of ways. Number one, we’re going to seize cars, we’re going to seize guns, we’re going to seize money and that’s how you hurt criminal enterprises. You don’t take their weed and their drugs, you take their money and their guns.

“The townspeople have to know their safe, and if you want to come here and do some nonsense then you don’t belong here,” Fisher said.

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