Video: To combat paper shortage, car dealerships will provide shoppers with e-tickets

After being told by Oklahoma State that paper shortages are causing delays for her dealership, Rhonda Pruitt is happy to know there is another way to provide titles to buyers.

“We have a few,” Pruitt said. “I think we had four or five and received them yesterday.”

Pruitt, owner of Chris Pruitt Auto Sales, told FOX23 that she feels better about getting her state-accelerated titles. The option would provide electronic titles to dealers to provide to car buyers. It focuses on electronic titles since the state of Oklahoma will be one of 25 states implementing electronic car titles by July 1.

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“We can still apply for paper titles, but lien holders who have a lien on their title will go directly to the state because they are a state title holder,” Pruitt explained.

Pruitt also said she’s still trying to figure out how this will all play out for car buyers and sellers.

“I have no idea. I’ve read the email. I’m waiting for the lessons,” she said. for us, however, if some [titles] are going digital and some aren’t, so how is that going to be for us as we have to look at both places? This is going to keep my very busy title clerk busy,” she said.

She also said she will take classes this week to learn more about what the change means for her and for the person trying to buy or get a loan for the car.

“I would have thought this process would have been introduced a long time ago, but I’m sure the tax board is doing everything they can to make it transparent, but we’re still in the dark on a lot of things,” Pruitt explained.

FOX23 asked her what she would advise people buying cars after the July 1 date.

“Just make sure you have your title handy because once we go through this transition there will likely be issues with some going digital and some not,” she said. .

This will also be used for titles on boats, farms and trailer equipment.


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