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Decathlon opens new boutiques in Manor department stores, sporting goods distributor is not the only new partner

From April, the French distributor of sporting goods Decathlon will also market its products in three Manor branches in German-speaking Switzerland. It shouldn’t stay that way. Manor also wants to increase the number of visitors.

Soon on Manor: Decathlon articles.


The French sports brand Decathlon and Manor are deepening their cooperation. Since last year, Manor has published articles on Decathlon in ten branches (according to CH Media). From April, Decathlon will even open its own stores, called shop-in-shops, as part of a pilot project in three Manor department stores. These should have an area of ​​260 to 530 square meters.

Initially, there will be such outlets in Manor department stores in Freiburg, St. Gallen and Zurich Letzipark, according to a statement released on Wednesday. If this test is successful and customers like it, the partnership can be extended.

Manoir wants more customers

Resellers are also expanding their cooperation online. Several thousand Decathlon novelties are now available on From April, these can also be ordered online and picked up in shop-in-shops. In the medium term, the Decathlon range of the Manor online store should expand to more than 100 sports.

Cooperation with Manor will allow Decathlon “to be more present in a segment where we are sometimes not sufficiently perceived”, specifies Adrien Lagache, responsible for the commercial development of the sports brand. According to the announcement, Manor also hopes that the cooperation will increase the frequency of customers in department stores.

No exclusivity

Decathlon is not the only partner to manage the shop-in-shops of the Manor department stores. For example, the French seller of CDs, computer games and books Fnac is present with such corners, as is the French cosmetics chain Sephora.

These brands are not exclusively represented by Manor. Fnac operates its own stores in French-speaking Switzerland. Decathlon has its own 26 branches in Switzerland, and a new one has recently been added in Zermatt. Decathlon has bought most of these branches from the former supplier Athleticum, a former subsidiary of the parent company Manor Maus Frères. Sephora has 25 shop-in-shops in Manor, but also opened its first branch in German-speaking Switzerland in Zurich in 2020 and wants to continue to grow independently (CH Media reported).


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