Two people have been jailed and two others given suspended prison terms in connection with the supply of Class A drugs to Bristol.

Abdullahi Aden, 27, Zubiar Hassan Hamdi, 19, and Yuvraj Singh, 18-year-old GED, were sentenced at Bristol Crown Court on Friday 24 September. Meanwhile, 26-year-old Nasra Ali was sentenced earlier this year.

The four men admitted to being concerned with the supply of crack and heroin following a three-month investigation that ended in February this year and led to the discovery of more than £ 15,000 of drugs .

Undercover officers saw Hamdi interacting with a known drug addict, who was later arrested and found in possession of cocaine casings.

What each of the men has been doomed to

  • Abdullahi Aden, 27, of St Philips, Bristol – sentenced to four years and three months in prison

  • Zubiar Hassan Hamdi, 19, of Fishponds, Bristol – sentenced to two years in prison, suspended for 18 months and unpaid curfew

  • Yuvraj Singh, 18, of Lockleaze, Bristol – sentenced to 22 months in prison, suspended for 18 months and unpaid curfew

  • Nasra Ali, 26, from St Philips, sentenced to 22 months in prison last May.

They followed Hamdi to a property in Redfield, Bristol, where they arrested him along with Singh. The resulting investigation established that Aden was ordering Hamdi and Singh to sell class drugs.

Aden was then observed by officers along with Ali, leading officers to report to her address to conduct a search – where they found her cutting and preparing drugs for sale. .

PC Louise Jones said: “Those involved in the illegal supply of Class A drugs such as crack and heroin are causing untold damage to the communities in which they live.

“We know there is a lot of concern and anxiety about this issue in our local communities, and we simply will not tolerate it.

“This was a painstaking operation in which evidence was gathered over a period of several months, which resulted in the conviction of four people – two of whom are currently serving prison terms.

“Information provided by the public is always critical to the success of operations like this one and we encourage people to continue to provide information on illegal drug-related activity that they suspect is taking place. We will listen, and where there is sufficient evidence, we will take action. ”

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