NEW DELHI: The Delhi government’s transport department will soon intensify its campaign against electric rickshaw drivers who do not have permanent driving licenses, in addition to penalizing those who do not have certificates of competency valid.
Last month, TOI was the first to report that a valid driver’s license would be required to purchase and register an e-rickshaw and that the Department of Transport would run an enforcement campaign to ensure that drivers using these vehicles had a driver’s license.
“New e-rickshaws are not sold to those who do not have a valid driver’s license and the licenses of those who are currently plying are also checked by the control teams. The electric vehicles of those who are not found in possession of a valid driver’s license are seized. On average, we confiscate 40 to 45 electric rickshaws every day,” a Delhi government official said.
While the department is waging a rigorous enforcement campaign to ensure bus lane discipline in the city, a large number of teams have been deployed for this purpose. The official, however, said the campaign against drivers using electric rickshaws without a permanent driving license has been going on continuously for more than a month and a large number of electric rickshaws have been seized.
The official said that although the document check of electric rickshaw drivers is not carried out on a large scale currently, the driving will be intensified in the coming days. He added that measures were taken in cases where e-rickshaws did not have valid certificates of fitness.
In an order issued last month, the Department of Transportation ordered that for the sale and registration of electric rickshaws, a valid driver’s license in the owner’s name to operate such a vehicle would be a mandatory requirement. All manufacturers and dealers of electric rickshaws, except registration authorities and district transport offices, have been asked to ensure compliance with the ordinance.
The recent ordinance replaces a circular issued on April 30, 2015, which stated that the sale and registration of e-rickshaws would only be permitted to persons holding a learner’s license to drive an e-rickshaw. Delhi government officials said that in many cases electric rickshaw drivers had never obtained a permanent driver’s license and continued to drive with a learner’s license, even though its validity did not exceed not six months. Now they are required to pass a driving test to get a license and then drive e-rickshaws.

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