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Updated: Thursday, June 23, 2022, 11:08 PM [IST]

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New Delhi, June 23: A website claiming to offer registration for gas pump dealers has caught the attention of netizens. The look and feel of the website would trick anyone into believing that it is a genuine website.

Fact Check: Beware of Websites Fraudulently Offering Petrol Pump Dealerships

The website claimed it was a “KSK fuel pump dealer selection portal”. The notice on the homepage included the message below:

Notice – For the attention of all applicants
1: – The deadline for new registrations is extended until June 22, 2022.
2: – The applicant is invited to pay their fees until June 20, 2022, at midnight.
3: Know Working Capital – Download Fee Structure
4: For more information write to us on: – [email protected]

On top of that, there were menus like “Advertisement Notice”, “Ask a Dealer”, and “Check Status”.

However, it turned out to be a fake website.

We have searched the who.is website to check whether it is a genuine website or not. It showed that the said website was registered on March 6, 2022 and will expire on March 6, 2023.

Fact Check: Beware of Websites Fraudulently Offering Petrol Pump Dealerships

Any website built in a short period of time with an expiration date of around a year is a clear indication that something is wrong here. Why would a government create a website for just one year?

Also, the official handle of Indian Oil Corporation Limited posted a tweet saying that it is a fake website. “Unscrupulous websites like https://kskdealerchayan.com are misusing the IndianOil name and fraudulently offering fuel pump dealerships. The public is urged to contact the nearest divisional office of PSU oil companies or visit http://petrolpumpdealerchayan.in to know more, [sic]”

Internet users should follow the official website for any information or clarification to avoid being cheated online.

Fact check

To claim

A website claims to offer gas pump dealer registration.


No, ‘https://kskdealerchayan.com’ is a fake website.


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