Fast loan without verification. Where to look for it?

What is this verification ? Certainly not one person using the products of private loan companies has come across such a concept. And exactly, in the case of this type of companies it is a verification transfer. What is it for? Well, based on such a transfer, the loan company is able to verify and confirm the data that we included in the loan application. An editorial over at


Verification transfer

Verification transfer

This is one of the basic tools used by companies to confirm the identity of the borrower. If lenders skipped this step, then anyone who had an ID card, not necessarily their own, could have made a commitment to the account. Also, such verification protects not only the lender but also the borrower.

So that the loan actually taken goes to the account of the person applying for it. The more that this verification transfer is really a symbolic amount and usually ranges from 1 to 10 dollars, few companies want $ 1.

The problem may arise when our symbolic penny is missing from our account. Not only that – on account zero, and the possibility of using overdraft also limited to zero. Then what? Does this mean that we can forget about taking out an online loan? Not quite. Yes, there is much less choice among companies that grant loans without a verification transfer, but they are.


They check their clients using the appropriate application

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So, once again, we can see that there is no situation without a solution. Verification using the application is quick and possible, regardless of the bank in which we have an account. Going through the subsequent stages of verification, we will literally confirm our data in a few moments.


Where can we find a company with such an offer?

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Private loan companies that offer their products without the need for a verification transfer, so far. However, they are the solution for those whose account is empty. Companies that confirm borrowers’ data using the application include Bearmoney, LendUs and WinCredit , among others.

There, we can successfully ask for a cash injection, even if we can’t afford the verification transfer .

Many would ask, is it safe to use such a verification application? Will our data fall into the wrong hands? Well, no. For this we can be calm. No one has access to them, and the information provided is secure and encrypted, as if we were logging into a bank account.

For example, at WinCredit and Bearmoney, our data will be verified by a special application. How does it work Loan application submitted as usual, after providing all necessary data, we confirm it, then select the bank where we have a personal account and log in to the account. Is it really safe?

Yes! The loan company on our account page has no access to anything more than our basic data. He will not know our account balance or receive information about our savings, whether we have any at all. We can easily choose one of these companies to take out a loan without a verification transfer .

LendUs and Extra Wallet have a slightly different application. In these companies, the service verifying our identity is called Installer. It’s just as good and secure as the previous ones. These companies, however, leave us a little more choice. We can decide whether we want to perform the verification transfer or whether our data should be checked by the Installer.

When we decide to install, we need to know that here the verification is slightly different than in the previous application. Here, in addition to the basic data provided in the loan application, the lender can also check the history of our transactions, inflows and outflows from it.

On this basis, it can successfully determine what kind of customer we are, what we spend the collected funds on, whether the money burns us, or maybe we spend it carefully.


Verification transfer

Verification transfer

Why, for whom, such a transfer, if you can without? This is the same way to verify our data as using the application. This is nothing terrible and you do not have to avoid it, unless our account is empty, or we have other reasons why we do not want to make a verification transfer.

However, when we decide to transfer, in the title we enter the password that the lender gave us. On its basis, the loan company can easily compare the data we have included in the application with the data resulting from the verification transfer.

What should we pay attention to, however, if we decide to take out a loan from a company that uses a verification transfer? If we care about time, it would be good for the company from which we want to borrow money to have an account in the same bank as us. In this case, the loan will definitely affect our account on the same day.

Otherwise, the waiting time may be extended to approximately two business days. This may be one of the reasons why we decide to get a loan without a verification transfer .


So, which verification method do we choose?

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It largely depends on us and our capabilities. Both forms are good and secure for our data. Which one is more comfortable? Neither one nor the other causes major problems. Certainly, a loan without a verification transfer is a better solution for those who have no other option to fund their account due to, for example, the lack of a symbolic penny.