SRINAGAR: The Department of Food, Civil Supply and Consumption (FCS & CA), strongly refuted the news circulated in a section of the media regarding the distribution of insufficient quantity of rice by some FPS dealers and the quality not being present, in certain areas, among the holders of ration cards.

Taking note with force of the news, the authorities concerned indicated that no such report had been brought to the attention of the Department and that no specific FPS had been identified or reported in said article where a lower ration to the right is provided to the beneficiaries. However, he has been advised that if such activity is observed by the public or the media, it should be immediately reported to the department, with specific details of the area, fair-price store or sales center, ensuring action. strict against the dealers / sellers involved, including cancellation of licenses or assignment. The public / media have also been urged to verify these reports from the authorities and become acquainted with the department, so that the correct facts are brought out to the general public.

It was clarified that the public distribution system in Jammu and Kashmir operates through a network of government sales centers, authorized FPS private resellers and that distribution is through PoS machines and that almost 95% are distributed online, pulled by recipients. with Aadhar authentication. In addition, the ration allocation varies from category to category and the prices are as stated in the PoS receipt. It is reported for the information of the public that there is absolutely no shortage of food including rice, and that in fact the surplus always remains available with the department, which allocates the ration, each month, for each family and each beneficiary according to their right. The quality of the rice received from FCI and distributed under PDS complies with the prescribed threshold parameters and no stock that does not comply with these threshold parameters is distributed under PDS and whenever a deviation report in the parameters is observed, corrective actions are taken immediately so that these stocks are not distributed.

It was also specified that the monthly distribution and price scale under the NFSA regime, beneficiaries under the AAY category receive 35 kg of rice per family at the rate of Rs 3 / Kg and under the PHH category 5 kg of rice per beneficiary at the same time. rate like AAY. Although not NFSA, the NPHH category receives 5 Kg of rice per beneficiary at the rate of Rs 15 / Kg. Monthly distribution for AAY / PHH categories under the PMGKAY scheme is 5 kg of rice per beneficiary, at no cost, and under the government-run scheme J&K, JKFES, PHH / NPHH categories, get rice at rate of Rs 15 / kg according to the scale defined according to the number of beneficiaries.

It has been clearly stated by the ministry that beneficiaries must invariably apply for the entitlement to the SPF or government sales center every month according to the defined rates and schedule. In addition, any rationing outlet observed deviating from said monthly scales or prices, amounting to fraud / embezzlement, on the part of the public / media, must be immediately and specifically identified and reported to the department, so that measures immediate administrative procedures are taken. Recipients are not bound to accept the noted ration not provided by the FPS dealer or seller in accordance with the defined scales, price or quality and no reason should be accepted in this regard.

For the information of the public, it was reiterated that the rationed / beneficiaries while taking the ration from their government sales center / store at the right price should request a ration at the scale and price above, and a receipt. dealer / seller printout. In the event of refusal or reluctance on the part of the merchant, it should be immediately reported to the department at the toll-free number 1800-180-7011 or on the official complaints portal, namely jkgrams.

In addition, the department having committed to making the PDS fully beneficiary-oriented, has also introduced reforms and taken various measures to streamline the public distribution system and seeks active public participation to make the PDS more transparent, credible. and reliable.


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