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Ford has some of the hottest cars on the market right now, sought-after electric vehicles like the Lightning F-150 and Mustang Mach-E for stuff that everyone wants like the maverick and Broncos. People are clamoring to get their hands on these vehicles. The downside is that this seller’s market is booming with greed. Ford knows that, that’s why Direct Cars reports that the automaker has updated its policy concerning brokers and the resale of vehicles. This results in stiffer penalties for dealers who plan to do either of these things.

Although Ford already has a policy in place regarding this type of thing, the policy update involves Ford expanding its definition of what the company considers a dealer or broker. The updated policy definition, via Cars Direct:

“Brokerage includes the use of any third party to wholesale, transfer or otherwise deliver inventory, especially high demand vehicles (including but not limited to Raptor, F-150 Lightning and all specialty vehicles ). Additionally, any non-Ford dealership or non-Lincoln dealership that provides vehicle relocation and inventory services, auto transfer assistance, trade facilitation, and/or any other company with a similar name or service, is considered a broker.

New definition seems to completely cover the entire brokerage/dealer business. While Ford has been fairly light on penalties with things like markups and vehicle reservations, the company seems to be getting serious with this policy. Any dealer who violates this policy is subject to penalties up to and including the loss of certain vehicle assignments:

“The first violation may result in a 1:1 reduction in future allocation by the negotiated amount. The second violation may result in the redirection of all allocations of the same model for the current or next model year.

This means potentially missing out on all upcoming hot products. And, with more EVs and a next-gen Mustang hopefully coming, it will give (at least some!) dealerships pause before trying to make some more greedy cash.


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