The state oil traders federation said on Monday that the cars’ fuel tanks were not calibrated and therefore consumed more fuel than the “full tank” capacity, which is commonly estimated at 45 liters, and is announced in the same way by the manufacturers.

The Akhila Karnataka Petroleum Dealers Federation (AKFPD) said an incident involving an i20 car at a gas station in Mysuru prompted them to provide clarification. The car owner arrived at the UMS service station on JLB Road, Mysuru and asked for a “full tank” of diesel. The car was filled with 53.2 liters by the gas station attendant. However, the customer and passengers began to argue that the tank capacity was only 45 liters and there was an error in the dispensing unit.

The customer and his friends were taken to a company showroom where the tank was removed and the amount of fuel inside was measured, which confirmed that the tank contained 53.2 liters of fuel. The Federation has attached a clarification from an authorized Hyundai dealer stating that although the fuel tank capacity of the i20 car is 45 litres, extra space has been provided for safety. “Extra space is provided in the fuel tanks for fuel gas expansion as a safety measure. The customer should not fill the tank beyond the limit prescribed by the manufacturer,” the Hyundai dealership said.

A Taranath of AKFPD said many customers faced a similar problem at gas stations. “Some customers give in after being told, however, it’s hard to convince everyone.”


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