It was pointed out that since biodiesel is cheaper than diesel, most vehicles have switched to biodiesel.

Members of the Punjab Oil Traders Association (PPDA) on Saturday warned the state government that not only oil traders were facing financial losses, but government revenues had also been severely affected by the illegal sale of petroleum / chemical oil base / industrial grade product through mobile vans in the market on behalf of biodiesel.

A PPDA executive meeting was held at the Parkview Hotel, Sector 24, on Saturday, where oil traders across the state reviewed the issue and offered suggestions to the government to deal with it. The association’s president, Sandeep Sehgal, said that in recent months concerned authorities had raided units involved in the illegal distribution of unlicensed biodiesel in the state.

It was pointed out that since biodiesel is cheaper than diesel, most vehicles have switched to biodiesel. Petroleum marketing companies have also seen a massive reduction in sales of high-speed diesel vehicles (HPD) and motor (MS) as well as high-speed diesel vehicles (HPD) which have moved to the BS-6 category despite huge government investments. They said that due to government negligence, substandard oil was being sold illegally to meet demand.

Sehgal also said home fuel delivery has been started. According to WTO, the service is valid for machinery or heavy vehicles that cannot reach the gas pump, but government and WTO orders were found to be flouted and fuel was delivered to motor vehicles. , tourism and agriculture.

The association urged the government to take action against unauthorized people and establishments that illegally purchase diesel from mobile vans.

Expressing concern over the higher VAT rate in Punjab compared to Chandigarh, association secretary general Rajesh Kumar said that around 1,000 Punjab gas pumps neighboring Chandigarh and other states are on the verge to close. He added that the expansion of gasoline pumps in Punjab was much higher than the national average, so the issuance of compliance notices for new pumps should be stopped.

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The way forward is clearly to broaden and modernize taxation in general, and to include petroleum fuels and electricity in the tax regime for goods and services, with tax compensation available throughout the value chain, for essential tax efficiency. It will not be enough to tax growth to death.


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