The site, EV Live, offers information on electric vehicles to allay consumer fears about electric cars, with entire sections devoted to range and charging availability. The biggest offer for consumers, however, is a free one-on-one talk with genuine EV specialists who can answer questions about EVs. The move is mirrored by a similar site launched in 2019, Cadillac Live, which gives Cadillac buyers a similar experience with brand representatives. The EV-focused offering is broader, however, as reps will have information on all of GM’s electric offerings, rather than just one brand.

Last year, research firm Ipsos pointed to dealers’ lack of knowledge and details about electric vehicles, including lineup, service and ownership, as a potential barrier for interested electric vehicle buyers. The EV Live line could help remedy that for customers and, according to GM spokeswoman Natalee Runyan, provide dealer training on GM products.

The site comes at a crucial time for GM, which recently invested more than $750 million in charging infrastructure in the form of 2,000 new charging stations across the country. It’s part of a more than $27 billion investment to try to take the electric vehicle sales crown from Tesla by 2025. GM aims to sell 30 all-electric cars from Tesla. by 2025, and it aims to spend half of its capital investment in electric vehicles and self-driving cars at that time. GM doubled its electric vehicle sales from 2020 to 2021 and sold more than 500,000 electric cars, but that still only accounted for about 12% of the company’s overall sales for the year. Consumer adoption of the company’s latest Ultium-based offerings will be crucial in the near future to GM’s strategy, which CEO Mary Barra says relies in part on higher sales of electric vehicles to coastal Americans.

For buyers who do want to speak to EV specialists, GM says appointments will be available seven days a week, with voice and text options.


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