Rajasthan Chief Minister Ashok Gehlot approved the proposed restructuring of the trade tax department. The decision was made taking into account the change in scenario after the implementation of the Goods and Services Tax (GST) and for better and efficient implementation of the GST in the state. The number of zones, regular circles and districts is increased for a better administrative system. Along with this, the appeals authority office has also been approved for the convenience of taxpayers. Enforcement wing strengthened to end tax evasion.

The government has approved the creation of 15 additional posts in the Rajasthan Commercial Tax Service and the Rajasthan Commercial Tax Service (subordinate). With this, the number of executives in the department will increase to 1833.

A new zone will be created in Bhiwadi for the effective implementation of the GST. With this, the number of administrative zones will become 16. Jaipur Zone – 4 and Jodhpur-2 will be made functional. The number of regular circles will be increased by one and a half times, from 82 to 135. The number of regular districts will also increase from 296 to 320. This will make it easier for traders to register complaints and evaluate the work. related to revenue collection. After the introduction of the GST, there is no longer any relevance of special circles, works contracts and rental tax, so these are removed.

For the convenience of taxpayers, the appeals authority office in the Kota area has been licensed. This will allow taxpayers to appeal locally against orders made by assessment officers. The Business Intelligence Unit is being set up to strengthen audit work and the fight against tax evasion. Departmental agents will be included in this technically competent unit and this unit will efficiently analyze the GSTN database and data on the electronic invoice portal.

The anti-escape wing is renamed as an application wing. In addition, a cyber cell is being set up to identify the real people involved in tax fraud. At the same time, a three-level audit structure will be carried out at the level of the State, the zone and the regular circle. Auditing of important and complicated cases at state and zone level can be done.

The Taxpayer Care Unit is being set up to address complaints from taxpayers who honestly discharge their tax obligations. CAs and eligible tax specialists will be included in this unit. In addition to this, the central registration unit will be designed for dealers to ensure simple, easy and fast registration. Registration work will be performed in accordance with standard operating procedure (SOP).

To make the State Tax Academy of Rajasthan (STAR) a state-of-the-art training institute, the changes currently underway will be incorporated and updated. In addition to this, approval has been given to create the necessary posts for the Authority’s State Bench for Advance Rulings and GST Appeal Tribunal in Jaipur and the region bench in Jodhpur.

The Commercial Tax Department plays an important role in collecting state government tax revenue. Its contribution is around 50% in state tax revenues. The tax revenue target for the 2021-22 fiscal year is over Rs 60,000 crore. At present, RGST-2017 Law, Rajasthan VAT Law – 2003 and Rajasthan Electricity Law (Duty) -1962 are implemented in the state by this department.

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