Defibrillators have been installed in 60 Hendy Group dealerships in the South and South West, after an investment of £36,000.

Hendy Group property director John Hendy said the widespread installation at all sites was a reasonable precaution for the company to protect everyone who comes into physical contact with the business.

Defibrillators are installed in a central position in all dealerships and facilities to enable rapid response to anyone in need, the group said.

Hendy said: “The well-being of colleagues is a top priority for us at Hendy, so anything we can do to protect them in a working environment where they spend a lot of their time is important.

“We hope that none of these defibrillators will ever be needed, but by having them in our facilities, we know that anyone in need will immediately benefit from the best treatment available.”

The installation process included training videos for colleagues and posters highlighting their position.

The news follows Nissan Motor GB announcing the sale of its 13 West Way-owned sites, where Hendy Group will acquire the Southampton business.

On the latest AM News Show podcast episode, Vicky Hart, Head of Marketing at Hendy Group, and Ian Godbold, Marketing Director at Cambria Automobiles, shared their insights on how they’ve refined their companies’ exposure to car retailing to consumers buying cars in an accelerated move to online. retail, the impact of disruptors such as Cazoo and Cinch and the escalating cost of living crisis.


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