Mark Hebert, president of the Shreveport – Bossier New Car Dealers Association, talks about the computer chip shortage and how local dealerships are dealing with limited inventory.

“It’s easy to find a parking space these days, that’s for sure,” Hebert jokes, “It’s a challenge for all of us. Every manufacturer is facing the global shortage of chips and this impacts and impacts dealers a lot, that’s for sure. “

But why a global shortage of chips? And why does it seem like the US auto industry is hit the hardest? “We saw a pandemic strike, factories were closed, people were working from home and we had a huge demand for things like laptops, TVs and other devices, and every manufacturer uses those same chips. the demand is now so great. “

Here’s everything Hebert told KEEL listeners about the automotive situation:

“The good news is, it looks like some of these things are improving. But it’s going to take us a while to build an inventory. They build cars. We get chips. not what it needs to be to provide us with a sufficient number of cars. “

And commenting on the Biden administration’s apparent indifference to the situation, Hebert said, “I’m trying not to get into these policies. But at some point you have to start using common sense. production here in the US and take care of us.

“We have tried to increase our supply of used cars in order to have products to sell. We are trying to find ways to survive and keep our employees at work and make sure they can make a decent living. . “

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