By leveraging the power of Google My Business, you can put your store in front of the right customers, increase your sales potential, and increase your dealership’s revenue. Most dealership structures are divided into departments, and it can be beneficial to increase the visibility of service, parts, etc. departments. of the concession. This is where the Google My Business departmental listing can help nested them.

To create nested departments for your dealership, you first need a primary Google My Business profile page optimized for your parent store. Before we delve deeper, let’s start with an overview of Google My Business for those who aren’t familiar with it.

Presentation of Google My Business: what is it and what are its advantages?

This is a Google service that allows dealers and other businesses to manage their online presence.

With My Business, you can:

  • Manage your dealership’s contact details on Google Maps.
  • Get directions to your store and share it with others.
  • Share updates about your business and connect with your customers through social media.
  • View information such as when you get calls and when the store is busy.

Before setting up nested departments for your business, you should make sure that you have optimized the appearance of your main Google My Business profile page for your business. In addition to the obviousness of having a name and address correctly entered, here are some tips:

1. Fill in the description field of your profile

The description field is often overlooked, but this is where you can describe your store’s offerings and what makes you different. It’s also a space you can use to showcase the brands you sell.

2. Upload photos of the exterior and interior of your dealership in the “Photos” section of the profile.

Posting photos of the store in the Places section will help potential customers see what the store looks like before they get there. It helps them feel more comfortable when they arrive. Customers love the images of smiling people and dealership staff. It humanizes the store and also makes customers more comfortable before their visit. However, be aware that Google users can upload images to the page as well, so you should keep a close eye on the page.

If the store doesn’t add photos, Google places an unappealing Google Maps image. Adding photos also helps customers see how popular your dealership is by showing how many reviews and photos other users have uploaded.

3. Add a virtual tour if you have one. Download a 3D virtual tour of your dealership to present the vehicles and the customer experience

3D virtual tours are increasingly popular with dealerships and are a great way to showcase your business, employees, products and services in an innovative way.

4. Make sure all contact information is correct and up to date including phone number

Google has now become the world’s telephone directory. It is essential that the phone number you use for the store is local and that it is the same phone number listed in other major online directories. Do not use different phone numbers for Bing, Facebook, or other sites for tracking purposes, as this will lower the store’s Google rank. If you want to check the appearance of your ads on the website, I suggest using Moz.com or BrightLocal citation checkers.

Once the Google My Business listing is up to date, here’s how to create the nested department records:

Step 1: Create a new Google My Business listing and assign it a different number and category than your dealership. For example, “Mercedes-Benz Beaverton Parts Center”. You will need to check the ad, which can take some time if you need to complete it by mail. If you already have department lists, you can skip this step.

2nd step: Once verified, as a Google user, search in Google Maps for the new Google My Business page created in step 1 above and click “Suggest and edit”. This cannot currently be done by the GMB owner of the dealership page. This must be done in Google Maps as a Google user.

Step 3: Select or choose “Edit name or other details”, once on the edit page, navigate to “Located in” and enter the name of your primary business where you want to embed the service.

Step 5: Your service page should now display on the primary dealer’s GMB page as “Located in”.

Although your department’s page will display “Localed In,” Google will take a few days to review your submission and then it will be live on Google under the profile of the primary company’s Google My Business page. So be patient.

This is how easy it is to create lists of Google My Business services for your dealership. Please don’t hesitate to contact me if you get stuck and need a helping hand.



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