Car dealership owners who don’t have a strong online presence will quickly run out of market share. If you’re unfamiliar with the world of social media or just aren’t comfortable shopping online, you may be limiting your ability to grow. But tapping into the online market can be easier than you think.

Likes and shares can increase your cash

Many people of a particular generation are not interested in social media platforms. However, your business could be greatly increased with a strong social media presence. Research indicates that positive connections through social media can increase your sales by up to 30%.

Hiring a social media manager is crucial. You can hire this person part-time as a contractor or train a computer-savvy employee to take on this task. Don’t think of it as a replacement job that gets attention when your employees have downtime. Your business must

  • respond to messages sent directly to your Facebook page
  • thank those who make a positive comment or promote your page
  • quickly reach unhappy customers who post on social media

Unanswered bad reviews, comments about poor customer service, and other negative comments about your business can be shared just as easily as the positive things said about your business. A good social media manager can bring issues to your attention and help you track down positive comments about a specific employee and reward them accordingly.

Provide nationwide service

No matter where your dealership is located, you can expand your dealership’s car sales far beyond your state’s borders. With an optimized nationwide marketing campaign, you may be able to achieve vehicle sales in virtually every state in the United States.

From New York to Hawaii, car transport services are available to deliver your purchases to your customers reliably and quickly. A solid website that offers quality images and a detailed description could allow buyers from all over the world to examine your inventory.

Teaming up with an auto transport company can extend the services your dealership offers to its customers. If you can ship a vehicle to the buyer, be sure to include it in a banner on your website at the top of the page. You may choose to put up a rotating promotional banner about special services your company offers apart from new and used cars, such as

  • car shipping
  • a qualified repair shop
  • finishing, painting and dent removal
  • a concierge service to help guests plan their day

Another banner might offer instructions on what people interested in trading in their vehicle will need to do before bringing it to your location. A quality website with specific information can actually cut down on the time your sales staff and technicians have to spend moving your business forward.

Your website could offer 24-hour shopping

Recent world events have caused many people to love the ability to shop exclusively online. However, those who relish the process of social isolation probably still need a vehicle. Your website can serve as a place to fantasize about a new car. It can also serve as a place to prequalify for a car loan. The right website tools can allow you to serve as a banker, dream maker, and supplier to those looking for a new car.

To make your website uniquely accessible, make sure your images reflect everything you can offer. If your technicians can customize a vehicle for someone in a wheelchair, your marketing images can show the freedom your business can provide. If you’re promoting trade-in vehicles because you need cars and vans, your images might include families with kids and equipment. Every step of building your website should invite people to join your particular community.

Boost your security for funding applications

Since 2020, many citizens have been struggling financially. They may have stopped regular maintenance on their vehicles because they didn’t drive much or they just couldn’t afford it.

If your dealer offers financing for a new or used vehicle, consider adding a financing option for repairs. Also be sure to offer current drivers the option to refinance their vehicle; include these two messages in a banner. Even getting pre-approved requires a lot of personal information. Make sure your website security is top notch.

Your stick-and-brick car dealership can be a great hub for your business. If your online presence isn’t strong, you can always up your game. You need a social media presence and an easy-to-use website.


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