Dealers attended the NADA Show in Las Vegas with a host of concerns on their minds. Three of the biggest: inventory shortages, the push towards digital retail, and the industry’s transition to electric vehicles.

But what many of them heard at their annual franchise meetings was a little reassuring.

Meeting after meeting, factory executives offered soothing words that despite the pace of sweeping change and upheaval hitting the business, automakers still intend to keep a firm grip on what works well. .

Brands are announcing plans to transition to all-electric car lines, which dealerships are hearing at an increasing cadence. And the retailers said Automotive News in private that they are fully on board with the evolution of technology. But, some wonder, are we really ready? And why rush to throw away some of the best internal combustion engine vehicles ever made?

Automakers seem to understand this, according to reports of presentations at various hallmark meetings.

General Motors is committed to a bold move to all-EV. But Chevrolet Vice President Steve Hill said Automotive News that the brand is rapidly updating its most popular internal combustion vehicles.

“When I talk to dealers, I say Chevy is a big box brand and Chevy has a foot in both camps – both in ICE and in EV,” Hill said ahead of the brand meeting. “I like our growth opportunities.”

Cadillac dealers entered their brand meeting knowing full well that the brand intends to launch an all-electric portfolio in North America by 2030.


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