Is your dealership equipped to handle the sale and maintenance of electric cars? As consumers take electric vehicles more seriously, experts say now is the time to get your house in order. Today on Inside Automotive, we are pleased to welcome back Dave Boyle, President and CEO of TraXtionformerly Tire Profiles, to discuss how car dealerships can adapt to this emerging segment.

Many auto dealers and stationary operations managers are concerned that electric and hybrid cars will cause problems for service driving. Typically, dealerships aren’t good at selling tires or alignments, and much of that work has been pushed to the aftermarket, Boyle says. The good news for dealerships who take tires seriously is that electric cars go through tires faster than internal combustion vehicles. In fact, Tesla released stats showing 23 tire service visits for one of its test vehicles over a 400,000 mile life.

For car dealerships to adapt to this new reality, Boyle says it starts with culture. Make tires and alignments part of your brand. When customers walk in, they should know you’re in the tire business instantly. Many stationary operations managers or service advisors have a clear view of tires and their margins. However, Boyle says tire services bring in other lucrative jobs like brakes, wheels and suspensions. For example, car dealerships sell 11-12% of their alignment opportunities. The lack of focus on the tires has created a lack of focus on the things that go with them, like the line-ups.

“It’s about the process and the technology that supports the process,” says Boyle. “And good technology should always support a process.”

For over ten years, TraXtion has developed and perfected sophisticated technology that scans tires and automatically sends a report by text message directly to the customer’s smartphone. TraXtion has strived to make this process as easy as possible, says Boyle. The latest version of their technology comes in a box and snaps together for installation in an hour. The TraXtion team is also present at every stage of pre-launch, installation and pre-launch. They show their dealer partners how to use the equipment and accumulate their data. Additionally, the team will teach staff how to sell tires, showcase products and drive consumer engagement.

To learn more about TraXtion, visit traxtion.comor schedule a demo here.

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