Do you know the 12 types of YouTubers in Singapore?

Well, neither do I, but that’s fine.

The only guy you need to know is the YouTuber-entrepreneur-hypeman, or Singapore’s biggest showman, better known as “JianHao Tan”.

JianHao Tan’s new venture

Every Singaporean who has been on YouTube would have heard of him. Boasting one of the highest subscription numbers among local YouTubers, the 29-year-old has made a name for himself with his various types of videos ranging from comedy to lifestyle videos.

That’s not all it has to show, however.

The Singaporean YouTuber and entrepreneur now has a new business, a car dealership called HypeCars.

On Tuesday, Jianhao unveiled his new venture in a TikTok video, which aimed to “show what your small business sells in 7 seconds.” The video showed Jianhao jumping towards the entrance of the concession and then the variety of luxury rides available at his new concession.

Talk about millennial marketing.

@thejianhaotanI just started a new business selling cars!! If you are ever looking to buy or sell a car, come to HypeCars!♬ nhạc nền – darling.ism

The caption of the TikTok video writes, “I just started a new business venture selling cars! If you are ever looking to buy or sell a car, come to HypeCars”.

The company was launched a few months ago in partnership with a group of like-minded car enthusiasts.

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“I love cars, in fact the first big purchase I made from my YouTube projects in my early years was actually my dream car… I guess it’s symbolic of hard work that I put into my work and I want others to feel the same.”

The YouTuber added that HypeCars tries to get the best cars in its assortment, calling the car company “hype”.

Drivers who frequent BlueSG frequently will love this fresh news – Jianhao also revealed the dealership’s plans to bring in electric cars.

Jianhao’s new venture already appears to be in full swing, with HypeCars’ Instagram page already at over a thousand followers.

The Instagram page showcases the dealership’s wide range of rides, with rides like the coveted Nissan GTR that could potentially become yours.

If you’re looking for a new ride to grab a certain person’s attention, you know where to head now.


HypeCars is open Monday through Saturday from 9 a.m. to 7 p.m. and is located at 1 Bukit Batok Crescent, 03-02.

And if you don’t have a license yet, don’t worry. You can always expect new videos from the YouTuber.

Perhaps “10 Types of Car Dealerships” might be next on the list.

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