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When you consider our origin in the war effort and our impact on the automotive industry over seven decades, the evolution of Krex is truly a uniquely American tale.

Krex, Inc., an automotive industry leader best known for its flagship product, DriveSure, celebrates 75 years of serving new car dealerships. Now known primarily for improving customer loyalty and satisfaction, Krex was born from an innovation that helped grease the gears of America’s war machine.

At the height of World War II, Krex founder Marc Markey’s new graphite lubricant proved essential to the optimum performance of Packard Motor Company’s replacement Rolls-Royce engines for American and British aircraft. According to Packard’s project engineer, no engine should be considered ready for European skies until it had been treated with Markey’s invention.

Realizing that its superior lubricant could help the peacetime automotive industry, Markey officially founded Krex, Inc. in 1947. After many years as a one-product company, Krex eventually introduced fuel conditioners, fuel system and injector, and more.

Krex cooling system kits debuted in 1987, and with them came the essential “tracking” system. By requiring dealers to collect customer contact information so that friendly return-for-service reminders can be sent on behalf of dealers, Krex has changed the course of customer experience in the industry.

The system was a great success, and related efforts to improve dealership customer loyalty soon followed. By the early 2000s, Krex had launched its first roadside assistance and tire protection programs against road hazards. In 2006, the DriveSure brand was created to allow new car dealerships to offer a unique suite of recurring benefits to vehicle owners with every qualifying routine maintenance visit or vehicle purchase.

Notable DriveSure innovations include:

  • WISDOM from 2007, an online dealer and customer portal and laser printed windshield service reminder stickers
  • Direct mail offers (2010) and text messaging services (2012)
  • The 2018 Digital Pass, which allowed vehicle owners to easily access benefits on their smartphone

This spring, in honor of Krex, Inc.’s Diamond Jubilee, DriveSure unveiled another innovation for its dealership customers: the digital driving experience. When things go wrong on the road (flat tire, engine trouble, etc.), dealership service customers can ask for help simply by scanning the personalized QR-code windshield sticker they received during from their last dealer service visit – no application necessary.

“When you consider our origin in the war effort and our impact on the automotive industry over seven decades, the evolution of Krex is truly a uniquely American story,” said Krex, Inc. President Bill Springer. “We are thrilled that these new digital technologies will continue to help the modern American dealership establish itself as the go-to place for tires and unscheduled repairs.”

With this latest innovation, Krex continues to demonstrate its 75-year commitment to driving industry innovation and delivering unique value to dealers. With the continued support of its best employees and customers, the renowned company looks forward to the next 75 years and beyond.

About Krex, Inc.

Krex, Inc. is the company behind DriveSure, a product that makes it easy for new car dealerships to offer unbeatable vehicle maintenance and bring customers back for service, tires and unscheduled repairs, all without loyalty programs. complications or profit cuts. We enable our customers to offer a unique set of recurring benefits with every qualifying service or vehicle purchase that sets the dealership apart from the competition and helps them build long-term customer relationships. Learn more at

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