FALL RIVER, Mass. — A Massachusetts police department told prosecutors it lost at least two years of evidence in drug cases.

WPRI-TV reports that Acting Fall River Chief Paul Gauvin sent a letter to Bristol County District Attorney Thomas Quinn in late March advising his office that the Controlled Buy logs for 2019 and 2020 are missing. The information has been passed to defense attorneys and Quinn said he is currently investigating the case.

The district attorney’s office said it was too early to estimate how many cases might be affected.

Gauvin wrote in the letter obtained by WPRI that the loss of evidence is “inexcusable and embarrassing” to the Fall River Police Department.

Fall River police said they knew the logs had been missing for nearly a year, but only notified the district attorney’s office last month after the information was requested in a court case. .

Logs are kept to show how detectives purchased illegal drugs from suspected dealers by posing as undercover or using informants. The information is often used to obtain search warrants and support court cases.

The department said Wednesday it was “undetermined” whether the logbooks had been stolen and was investigating. The department is considering using a secure intranet system to record information instead of logbooks.

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