Faaborg said the funding could be used for items such as additional camera trailers, new tactical team headsets to replace those that have passed their lifespan, wireless headsets to increase communications for officers in surveillance and GPS units attached to officers’ radios. Mesquite City Council voted on Monday to allow Mesquite PD to use the $ 276,000 they seized from drug traffickers. Acting Police Chief David Faaborg said the funds would help the department work safer and more efficiently.

Council member BW Smith said that while the top priority of the police should always be to bring justice to criminals and get narcotics off the streets, the police will be happy to take the money from the criminals and the use wisely.

“We would like to take the money we seize from criminals and use it for good instead of using taxpayer money to buy things that will improve public safety,” Faaborg said.

“If our police weren’t there to do the great job they are doing, we wouldn’t have that $ 276,000,” said Council member Tandy Boroughs.

The use of civil forfeiture to fund public safety is part of Chapter 59 of the Texas Code of Criminal Procedure enacted September 1, 2001.

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