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Drivers are increasingly using their smartphones and social media to help them with their next car purchase, a new survey has revealed.

Research from the CarGurus UK Buyer Insight Report – which analyzes the car buying journey of over 1,500 drivers – found that mobile phone use in the forecourt increased by 12% to 71%, from 59 % in 2020 Buyers are even using their phones to check vehicle details and specs and read reviews in conversations with dealerships.

Additionally, seven in 10 drivers take to social media to inform their car buying choice, while 21% say social media “directly impacts” their car purchase, up from 16% a year ago. .

Alexandra Howerter, Principal Consumer Insights Analyst at CarGurus, said, “Smartphones are helping consumers become more savvy when looking to buy, allowing them to come armed with all the data and defend themselves in negotiations. This levels the playing field and takes some of the stress and anxiety out of buying a car.

“Social media is also a great way to learn more about the car you want to buy, but consumers also need to be careful about which sources they choose to trust. At CarGurus, we’ve developed a unique approach based on data that calculates an Instant Market Value (IMV), which reflects a vehicle’s market value in the current market.This helps consumers take the stress out of buying and negotiating, so they can be sure to get the best deal.

The number of people using instant messaging platforms like WhatsApp as their first point of contact with dealerships nearly doubled from 5% in 2020 to 9% in 2022. Buyers are also more likely to contact dealerships online before purchasing. visit the forecourt. in person, with 42% of 24-32 year olds first contacting a dealership online.


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