Photo shows 560 grams of crystal meth and some 1,200 yaba tablets seized during drug raids in the Mohammadpur and Dhanmondi areas of Dhaka on Friday, September 24, 2021 Focus Bangla

Yaba trade continues in country despite heavy repression from law enforcement agencies

The Department of Drug Control (DNC) has identified nearly 3,500 “drug traffickers” in an attempt to curb the trade in illegal substances.

“Those on the list are strictly watched. We are trying to stop them as soon as possible, ”DNC additional director Fazlur Rahman told the media on Friday.

Rahman was briefing the media on the elimination of a group of crystal meth or “ice” on Wednesday night.

Yaba traders bring crystal methamphetamine (ice) to Bangladesh from Myanmar. In fact, most ice cream vendors are highly educated and come from very wealthy families, he said.

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Police arrested five people with 560 grams of crystal meth and 1,200 yaba tablets during raids in Mohammadpur and Dhanmondi.

Those arrested are Zakaria Ahmed Aman, 32, Tareque Ahmed, 55, Saddam Hossain, 31, Shahidul Islam Khan, 48, and Jashim Uddin, 50.

According to senior DNC official Rahman, two of them were produced in court on Thursday while the others will be presented on Friday.

The drug control department also prepared a list of 3,000 drug traffickers last year, he added.

Narcotics Control Department (DNC) Additional Director Fazlur Rahman briefs media on recent crystal meth ring bust at DNC ​​headquarters in Tejgaon, Dhaka on Friday, September 24, 2021 Focus Bangla

When asked why the drug traffickers are not arrested, he replied: “It is not possible to arrest everyone due to the lack of evidence as they do not deal directly, but rather control the racketeering with money.

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Over the past two decades, yaba, a methamphetamine drug, has replaced Phensedyl. Before that, the government banned the consumption of opium and weed in the 1980s.

Despite the government’s zero-tolerance policy and the crackdown by law enforcement, drug trafficking, particularly that of yaba, continues to be in full swing.

Due to its easy portability, the yaba, which arrives mainly through Myanmar, has spread like wildfire in Bangladesh with thousands of young people addicted to it.

In 2018, law enforcement carried out a crackdown on traders in yaba, which resulted in a number of reported shootings.

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While shootings have often criticized law enforcement agencies, the yaba trade continued unhindered.

According to the police, the pandemic had brought down the drug trade in the country, now traders are more active than ever, with drugs like LSD and crystal meth.

Many fear that with the growing number of arrests for possession of crystal meth, the drug may soon replace yaba as the next destruction drug.


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