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The New Mexico Department of Agriculture will host a pesticide disposal event in Albuquerque on April 12. The event will take place from 8 a.m. to 3 p.m. at Helena Chemical, located at 6280 Desert Road SE.

This event is open to growers, licensed pesticide dealers, pest control companies, golf courses, farmers, ranchers, homeowners, and anyone else in the community who needs to dispose of pesticides safely. These events are free to participate. All types of pesticides, treated seeds or rinsate will be collected.

Held multiple times throughout the state, Pesticide Disposal Events offer the agriculture industry, pest control industry, and general public the opportunity to properly dispose of unwanted pesticides. Most recently, the NMDA sponsored pesticide elimination events in Deming and Santa Rosa in October.

The amount raised at the Deming event (36,182 pounds) was the fifth largest amount raised since the NMDA began holding elimination events in 2007. Over the past 14 years, the NMDA has partnered to recycling companies and hosts to organize these events, during which more than 750,000 pounds of unwanted pesticides and their containers were collected.

No registration is required to participate. Staff will direct the flow of traffic and obtain necessary information. Participants should not leave their vehicles unless otherwise instructed.


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