A new Plymouth company specializing in electric car charging equipment has sprung up by registering with more than 50 dealers across the UK.

Car Charge Go is an online retail supplier specializing in home charging equipment and accessories for all electric or hybrid motors.

The company was established to provide a step-by-step guide for people who buy electric and hybrid cars from purchase to installation and how to maximize return on investment through government-approved grants, which can go up to ‘at £ 350, but are subject to eligibility.

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The government has made clear its ambitions for the future of electric motorization: by 2030, the production of gasoline vehicles must cease and by 2035, only zero-emission cars will be available for sale.

But for many electric car owners, the industry is still seen as a niche, which translates into limited after-sales service provided by many dealers, Car Charge Go said.

The company has said it is determined to change that, ensuring that anyone considering the transition to electric driving can do so with confidence.

The company is led by Kate Searl and she stressed that she understands the complexities of owning and maintaining electric vehicles and aims to take all the headaches and uncertainty out of the investment process.

Kate Searl, COO of Car Charge Go, at MW Ocean Plymouth to view the new BMW iX3, pictured with, left to right, Simon Penney (Ocean BMW), Ben Zirati (Car Charge Go) and Garry Parker (Head of ‘Ocean BMW)

With several charger manufacturers to choose from, Car Charge Go aims to help motorists find the right one for their vehicle and offers products from around eight different manufacturers.

Typically, they are small and compact and can be mounted on the wall of a house and charge a vehicle, off-peak, overnight for up to about four hours.

The cost of an entry point charger starts at around £ 500, for 7kW, and provides around 30 miles of driving on a single charge. An electrician should install the charger, and Car Charge Go can help.

A single electric car on the road saves an average of 1.5 million grams of CO2 over a year and on a cost per kilometer basis, refueling a fully electric car costs up to a quarter or less than traditional gasoline or diesel.

Car Charge Go has already partnered with over 50 major dealers across the UK, with more in the pipeline. BMW Ocean Plymouth, on Longbridge Road, is the latest major dealership to join the Car Charge Go family.

BMW has embarked on a major electric vehicle strategy, with the BMW i and MINI Electric ranges capturing the imaginations of drivers around the world.

BMW Ocean and Car Charge Go now share a vision of a greener future, where electric powertrains will become the norm as soon as possible.

So Car Charge Go has chosen the launch of the new £ 60,000 all-electric BMW iX3 – which travels up to 285 miles between charges thanks to a rear-mounted electric motor which is linked to the car’s batteries – to reveal how the two companies will work in partnership.

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Ms Searl, Car Charge Go Director of Operations, said: “We are delighted to officially launch Car Charge Go, especially alongside such a reputable dealership as BMW Ocean Plymouth. , a more environmentally friendly future on UK roads.

“By working alongside BMW Ocean to provide a full tracking service, we are confident that Car Charge Go can help more and more motorists make a smooth transition to electric or hybrid vehicle ownership. We look forward to leading this initiative to protect the planet for future generations without sacrificing the need to own a car. “

Mr Parker said: “The government said 2030 so it’s serious and people have to start thinking about it.”

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