Clermont City Council will consider rezoning and annexation that will allow for the construction of a Tesla “store and gallery” on National Route 50, west of Autoplex Boulevard. The first reading of the ordinances took place on Tuesday.

Orlando-based real estate brokerage First Team Commercial has sought rezoning, annexation and a small-scale change of use for a dealership of Elon Musk’s Tesla-made electric cars. The proposal is for a 61,253 square foot facility on 9.8 acres, with two access points along Tiny Morse Boulevard. Atlanta-based GK Rogers Construction is the landowner.

“We’re asking for an exact mirror of what we have in the county,” local attorney Jimmy Crawford told the city’s Planning and Zoning Commission at its June 7 meeting.

The current land use of Lake County is Regional Commercial and the current zoning is the Lake County Planned Commercial designation. The property is located within the Clermont Joint Planning Area (JPA) and utility boundaries. Annexation and a change to the development of the Clermont Planned Unit would allow permitted use within the general commercial zoning district C-2, according to planning documents.

The dealership, which Tesla calls stores and galleries because there isn’t much inventory on-site, would be the automaker’s 18th in Florida, according to the company’s website. In Central Florida, the company operates a showroom at the Florida Mall and another in Eatonville. The automaker purchased a building at 1051 W. Sand Lake Rd. in 2021 and opened a body repair center there.

“It’s the only one that will be located in this part of Florida and it will draw people from all over,” Crawford said. “They don’t stock a large inventory of cars so you can go through 200 Teslas and pick one. They have several models of each and there is a small office/showroom. “The majority of the building is maintenance facilities,” he said. “That’s really the main thing for it.”

Battery storage and disposal is strictly regulated and will be included in site plans, Crawford said. The facility will share an entrance off the SR 50 with Toyota of Clermont, according to a concept plan by the engineer Kimley Hornbut the developer will have work to do on the road, according to the city’s analysis of a traffic study.

Orlando-Based Municipal Consultants Kittelson & Associates recommended that the developer create a directional median opening at the intersection of Tiny Morse Boulevard and SR 50 to improve access.

The Planning and Zoning Commissioners approved the annexation, rezoning and small-scale change of use. The second reading and review before the city council is June 28.

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