Non-bank loan on the card

There is probably no one who has not heard of non-bank loans or payday loans. Every now and then new companies are emerging that offer quick loans over the internet to almost anyone. The CreditRoyal Card is a new and interesting solution on the Polish non-bank services market. The CreditRoyal Card allows you to borrow money for both short and long periods of time.

CreditRoyal Card has many advantages. First of all, it is a much cheaper solution than a typical payday loan. But this solution has one serious minus – the CreditRoyal Card is not available to everyone. We must remember this if we applied for a loan and the bank refused to grant us financial assistance.

The CreditRoyal Card is available to people who do not have debts in the debtors’ bases such as BIK, KRD, ERIF or BIG. So we must remember that the CreditRoyal Card is not intended for people who have a bad credit history.


CreditRoyal Card – characteristics

CreditRoyal Card - characteristics

When characterizing the CreditRoyal Card, we can compare it to a credit card . However, the main difference between this offer and a typical credit card is that it is offered by a non-bank loan company.

When applying for the CreditRoyal Card, we can receive a credit limit of $ 3,000. The costs of the entire enterprise depend only on us, i.e. how soon we will give back the borrowed money.


We can borrow funds for a few days

We can borrow funds for a few days

Then we will pay little, but also for half a year (maximum period), then we will naturally pay a much larger sum of costs. With a longer period, we have to reckon with the repayment of the debt in monthly installments. When you use the available funds on your card, the company will start charging you certain costs.

The CreditRoyal Card can be used for both non-cash payments – paying in stores or hypermarkets, we can withdraw cash at an ATM – here we have to pay a fee of 5 USD.

The CreditRoyal Card is available to persons who are over 20 years old, have a registered address in Poland, and no debts in BIK or other debtors’ databases. To obtain the card you will also need a valid ID card, a working mobile number, e-mail address and bank account, established in one of the Polish banks.