ST. ALBANS – St. Albans is getting a new car dealership.

Over the next year, Nucar Automall of St. Albans will build a larger dealership across from its current location, 118 Franklin Park West, to take advantage of economies of scale.

Shawn Hanlon, president of DCD Automotive Holdings, said the new 42,000 square foot location will include two large showrooms and an expansive service shop.

“It will create a brand new state-of-the-art, modern facility that will represent every manufacturer to today’s standards and give us the economies of scale that come with that, instead of having three buildings,” said Hanlon. .

The new building will have two different showrooms – one for Ford products and one for Chrysler, Dodge, Jeep and Ram vehicles – separated by a line of service bays. The plant will employ approximately 75 people.

“We’re going to gain some space,” Hanlon said. “The Bokans have made the most of every inch of this facility.”

As for Nucar’s other locations in St. Albans, former dealerships could potentially provide additional space for new automotive services in the area. Nucar has yet to solidify those plans, but some ideas being floated include a commercial vehicle-only dealership or a body shop.

Such expansions will most likely create more job opportunities in the area, Hanlon said.

“St. Albans is a growing township. … As Burlington expands, many people live in the surrounding area and St. Albans provides an opportunity,” Hanlon said.

Nucar is currently in the construction permit process.

Work on the site itself will begin in the coming months, Hanlon said, and the more than $10 million building is expected to be completed by late 2023 or early 2024.

Request for cars

As the COVID-19 pandemic has blocked supply lines for new and used vehicles, Hanlon said strong demand has continued despite industry developments at Nucar. The new location will help the company navigate some of these transitions.

For example, more and more customers are knowledgeable about the exact make and model they are looking for, and online tools allow customers to search through Nucar’s inventory before they even see the car first-hand.

These new buying models have helped streamline the process, and Nucar’s new location will better deliver this new customer experience. Hanlon said the largest auto group has about 1,800 cars, which shuttle around New England as needed, and buyers can have the model they’re looking for delivered to Nucar’s location in St. Albans, or even directly in front of the customer. gate.

He also expects the new location to be built to better prepare for the eventual electric vehicle revolution, which he says is looming on the horizon.

In the next few years, Hanlon will roll out many popular vehicle models to better compete with EV market juggernaut Tesla, and he expects EV chargers to become more ubiquitous.

For dealerships, they will need to look at infrastructure related to the change, Hanlon said, such as installing the latest Level 3 charging stations to be available to new buyers.

“The production is not there for the manufacturer, but the demand definitely is. It happens on the road,” Hanlon said. “We are very pro-electric. We think it’s here to stay.


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