Part of the land that was purchased.
Credit: Google Maps

A Boston real estate company recently purchased much of the Reedman Toll Auto Group property along East Old Lincoln Highway/Maple Avenue (Route 213) in Middletown Township.

The Philadelphia Business Journal recently reported that 79.5 acres of land was sold to Boston-based Novaya Foxfield Industrial for $50 million.

Bruce E. Toll’s real estate company, BET Investments, sold the land.

According to county property records, the track constitutes the old test track, security building, and parking lot near I-295. More properties may be included, but not yet reflected in county records.

The former test track and adjoining property have been leased as parking for Amazon delivery vans and tree-trimming trucks over the past year.

About a decade ago there was a proposal to build a shopping center which would have had retail, restaurants and a bank on the site of the Reedman Toll test track. However, those plans did not move forward after being rejected by the Middletown Township Zoning Hearing Board.

Michael Markman, president of BET Investments, told the Philadelphia Business Journal that the land sold was considered “underutilized.”

The main concession along the East Lincoln Freeway continues to operate and this land has not been sold.

Reedman Toll Auto Group on East Lincoln Highway.
Credit: Google Maps

Novaya Foxfield Industrial has many industrial and office spaces. They also owned residential properties and shopping malls.

Last year, Reedman Toll Auto World revealed that an undeveloped portion of the dealership’s property across from the parking lot was being purchased for potential warehouse development.

Township officials have received preliminary plans for a 450,000 square foot warehouse that could be built on the site. Officials noted that there were no firm proposals, but the plan was only a concept for potential use. Any new construction will have to go through the land development project.

Lower Bucks County has become a hub for logistics due to its easy access to rail, airports, ports, cities, Highway 1, I-295, I-95 and the Pennsylvania Turnpike.

Amazon operates several warehouses in the Levittown area, and the 1,800-acre Keystone Trade Center project is underway in Falls Township. The logistics-focused Keystone Trade Center could finish with up to 15 million square feet of new warehousing space and 5,000 to 10,000 jobs with a total investment of $1.5 billion over the next few years .


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