Private loans for companies

Private loans against real estate: flats, houses, plots of land and commercial plots are a new financial product that will allow you to pay off all your debts as soon as possible. The decision to use such a solution is a serious step, thanks to which you can potentially improve your financial situation and save time. However, you can also harm with such a decision. Before taking it, you should analyze the potential benefits and harms it can cause to you.


What should a company consider when applying for a secured loan?

What should a company consider when applying for a secured loan?

  • Analysis of the situation, debts in offices, banks and contractors
  • Technical advice on loans secured by real estate, for example on interest rates and fees related to secured loans
  • Individual private loan agreements
  • Information on-line, blogs and forums
  • Comparison of offers from several investors regarding real estate and financial possibilities


Where to start looking for a real estate loan?

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Before starting to look for a suitable source of financing, you should train yourself in the field of real estate loans. We suggest starting with the following elements:

  • Registration via the form below to learn about the subject of private loans secured by real estate
  • Contact with a dedicated Business Exclusive Supervisor


Why could your company choose a real estate loan?

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Already during the first phone conversation you learn how it works, what it is and what are the benefits and disadvantages of such financing. If you are considering a debt relief or business investment with a real estate loan, the sooner you do it, the better. Planning business development, starting or completing project implementation, or repaying all existing debt is a good time for such a decision. In this way, together with our advisers and Investors, you can guarantee that your financial situation will not deteriorate, on the contrary: it will improve and affect the fact that you will implement the assumed decisions quickly. The withdrawal of funds is a maximum of 24 hours and the conditions are similar to those in a bank.


How to pay back a loan against real estate?

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As for any loan , you should be sure or almost certain that we will be able to repay the loan with all costs, you should calculate exactly what are the total costs of the loan (interest, preparation fees, investor commissions, intermediary commissions, notary fees) so that it does not meet us an unpleasant surprise after payment. Preferably the funds from such a loan are intended for a specific purpose.

  1. Straightening with a loan of all debts and repayment with a bank loan
  2. Loan repayment from a completed project
  3. Last resort: selling real estate

A few useful issues that you can prepare for before talking to your advisor:

  • Land and Mortgage Register number.
  • What financing does your company expect and in what time period?
  • What installment can you pay back?
  • What amount do you need?
  • What experience do you have with private loans or do you have current loans secured?


Important! Are real estate loans secured?

Important! Are real estate loans secured?

A private real estate loan can do a lot of good for you, but the reputation of these loans has been compromised by some service providers involved in prepayment activities. Another unfair practice is the low value of the loan to the value of the property and the taking over of the property. If someone offers loans below 30% of the value of real estate in the countryside and below 50% in a large city, never use such offers.
Here are a few things to consider:

  • Beware of investors, agencies and companies from which you will receive information that you will definitely get a loan when paying in advance.
  • Nobody except the verified investor from the forum investment fund, cannot guarantee that he will get a loan for you. Beware of people who claim to guarantee a private loan against real estate subject to prepayment before you get the loan. Value
  • Loans against real estate are not offered for a period longer than 24 months and the contracts should be notarized .

Be careful if the company behaves mysteriously and does not clearly explain its intentions . If something raises doubts, ask for clarification.

Choose wisely. When considering using a covered loan, it is worth doing some research with your Business Advisor. Most often you will have several or several investors’ offers. We choose the best one.