The recent decision by US automaker Ford Motors to cease production in India has put the financial future of countless workers and dealerships working with the company at risk.

Raft Motors, a burgeoning electric automobile brand in India, invites Ford Motors workers and dealers to join them in their vision of nationwide expansion. Interested dealers and employees can send their resumes to [email protected]

By March 2022, Raft Motors aims to increase production speed to 50,000 scooters per month from the 100 mini factories on offer so that delivery to all their dealers is possible the next day.

Raft Motors already has more than 550 dealerships nationwide, who receive scooters manufactured at the nearest factories in 12 different states.

Raft Motors is the first Indian company to offer a 1 lakh kilometer warranty on its electric battery.

The 2-wheel models already produced by Raft Motors Warrior, Soldier, Nubra, Jispa, Indus, Teesta, Indrajeet have become extremely popular among young people. Rising fuel prices only added good numbers to their sales.

Along with the production of electric vehicles, Raft Motors is also working on an affordable charging station which will be available to store owners at a low cost of Rs 5,000. Other consumer electronics such as smart Android TVs and systems hi-fi karaoke are already available on the market. . They are seeing a surge in demand with the upcoming celebratory season.

The company is developing an electric car that can deliver a range of 1,600 km on a single charge, which is expected to launch by mid-2023.

The company offers a 5-day training program for a low price of Rs 99. After completion, anyone will be able to open a nearby service center or other business opportunities in this industry.

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Posted on: Monday September 20, 2021 19:28 IST

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