Trinidad and Tobago Scrap Iron Dealers Association (TTSIDA) President Allan Ferguson called Thursday’s broadcast the discovery of copper cables belonging to Trinidad and Tobago Telecommunications Services (TSTT) in its scrapyard, attempt to discredit him.

Ferguson, who played an excerpt from the report aired by CNC3 Television at a TTSIDA press conference on Friday, said the media had misrepresented what was found in his yard, and that it was one of the attempts to discredit him, which he knew would come.

It was noted that the media content sought to create the impression that his company, West Indian Salvage and Recycling Company Limited, was engaged in the purchase of stolen copper lines.

It was also noted that West Indian Salvage does not have a current contract with TSTT for the removal of the copper cables, but in fact had won a tender by letter dated July 6, 2021 for the copper cable. displaced TSTT copper which he had bid for in 2020, which is why the yard had TSTT copper cables.

The contents of the letter informing West Indian Salvage of its successful bid, which was signed by Lydia Green, Senior Manager-Procurement, was read to members of the media.

He said he understood that as a leader you wouldn’t have everyone on your side.

“I understand that sometimes people, because of what you’re trying to do, will come to you. I understand that too.

“I also understand that there is a God, and I believe there is a God. I also understand that God is responsible and man acts and does what he is supposed to do, but if not, God is responsible,” Ferguson said.

He said he also understands that there are many poor people in various parts of the country who depend on the scrap industry to put food on their tables on a daily basis.

He noted that the people at Sea Lots and Beetham Gardens who work at the Port of Spain landfill, as well as those at the Arima, Claxton Bay and Point Fortin landfills, depend on salvaging discarded scrap metal for s ensure they have something to eat and but books for their children.

“So I understand my importance in this industry to make sure it doesn’t get shut down.

Some of the copper cables stored in the yard of West Indian Salvage and Recycling Company Limited, which is owned by Scrap Iron Dealers Association President Allan Ferguson.

“I know there will be people in our industry who would like this to stay as it is because they will continue to have a market for TSTT copper and other stolen items that they purchase.

“So I understand the challenges I will face and I understand that some people would not appreciate me for the position I have taken in this industry. I understand that the things I’m going to try to do to save this industry some people wouldn’t like. I know that.”

Stating that he tries to be professional and be a responsible leader, Ferguson said: “I also understand because of the way I look and the way I talk sometimes, that they don’t care about me.

“I understand that people who look different and speak different, they will look at them and say they are telling the truth and I am telling a lie. They will look at me and because of my appearance they will think that I am a thief and that I am a liar. I understand that too.

“I understand that because I go to the yards and try to straighten out this industry, I also understand that there will be people in this industry who would not like us to straighten out this industry and put it out of order. the right way. I understand that.

“I understand that these people will want to continue allowing all these guys who steal TSTT copper, they would like this to continue because they will benefit from it, and because of this I will be facing a serious problem. I know it,” Ferguson said.

He said that even before his organization started to get into what it is doing now, he was going to be attacked.

“Why didn’t they do this all the time. Why are they now starting to attack me.

He said he couldn’t change his appearance or the way he spoke.

“I wouldn’t try to change my color or the way I speak. All I’ll try to do is correct some of the mistakes I made in my speech. That’s what I’m going to do. But nobody can make me change color because my other made me this way and God made me this way. I’m not going to do it.”

Ferguson said he will stand strong and steadfast in doing the right things, and for those who want to discredit him, he will not allow them to distract him from his mission to improve the industry.

Noting that many people are counting on him to have discussions with the government to avoid shutting down the industry, Ferguson said: “I would not allow people who are the 1% and the wealthy to try to shut me down. distracted from saving this industry. to close. I wouldn’t do that. And I would let my lawyers and their teams deal with anything that tries to block us or destroy me. I won’t say things or have confrontations with them. I wouldn’t do that. And everyone would know what the truth based on the truth is when the time comes.

He says he can’t turn his back on the many people who invest in the industry and work honestly when the day comes. “I will never do that as a leader because you are trying to destroy what we are trying to do. I won’t. I will always stand firm.

Noting that he does not export copper but sells copper to those who export, he said that if he was involved in buying stolen copper cables, he is not so stupid to store it in his breakage while he has access to warehouses.

He said that despite the media distorting the truth, he will continue to work with the government and all other stakeholders to ensure the future sustainability of the industry.


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