In order to thoroughly study the market situation, accurately grasp the actual situation, and ask dealers for suggestions at the end of sales on the afternoon of December 10, Mr. Dan Tian qiantaro, head of the department of sales of FAW Toyota Motor Sales Co., Ltd. ., Mr. Zhang Nan, Head of Northwest Division, Mr. Xue Wei, Head of Sales Department of Northwest Division Accompanied by Xiao Jie, Vice President of Sunfonda Group Operations and Cai Weinan, Director General of Xinmingyang Toyota, Mr. Zuo Chen, North West Division Market Planning Manager, visited xinmingyang Toyota, visited the sales exhibition hall, and listened intently to the activity report.

Minister Dan Tian and his party listened to the introduction

Xi’an Xinmingyang Toyota is subordinate to Sunfonda Group Holding Co., Ltd. as a former store that has been in operation for over 15 years, it closely follows the corporate philosophy of FAW Toyota. With the support of FAW Toyota manufacturers, it has achieved excellent achievements and been recognized by the majority of consumers.

Minister Dan Tian listened to the report of the sales manager

After entering the exhibition hall, Minister Dan Tian and his team listened to the current inventory, customer orders and collection, and understood the presale and orders of the new Lingfang model. The sales team introduced the five senses experience area of ​​the Lingfang show car, but Minister Tian affirmed this and made guiding suggestions.

Minister Dan Tian Understands Xi’an’s New Energy Subsidy Policy

He also detailed the subsidy activities and subsidy policies of Xi’an municipal government for new energy models for Minister Dan Tian. Our store also took the opportunity to advertise the new energy models online and offline to help sales.

Cai Weinan, General Manager of Xinmingyang, Explained the Key Positioning of Future Work

In the iteration of ADMS in 2022, the new semantic speech recognition and selling points must be explained in place. For brand new models, online communication and customer links are established through a group of customers to produce high quality video material that can be broadcast. Offline communication should be maximized through the display of commercial supermarkets, so that the dealership can find key points and accurately situate itself in its future work.

Minister Dan Tian understands the current state of service operations

Then Minister Dan Tian and his team went to the after-sales service reception to understand the overall operating status of the service. Throughout General Manager Cai Weinan’s presentation, Minister Dan Tian recognized our after-sales service and made valuable suggestions, and treated each group of new and old customers with professional and honest service.

Minister Dan Tian knows the used car industry

Detailed presentation of Minister Dan Tian’s second-hand business, the evaluation of replacement and acquisition, the short period of time, the most impressive support of the replacement business is in fact promoting the transaction and the corresponding commercial income arising therefrom. The important link in the customer lifecycle, circular consumption and customer loyalty, is an important factor in maintaining customers.

Xinmingyang General Manager Cai Weinan reports on his own store activity

After the visit, Minister Dan Tian and his group gathered in the conference hall and held a business communication meeting with our store. Mr. Cai Weinan, general manager of xinmingyang Toyota, reported on the store’s relevant business. The sales side focused on upgrading network marketing, live broadcasting of new media, used cars, SCRM and other relevant business planning.

Minister Dan Tian acknowledged the operation of our store

President Xiao and President Cai set higher demands for next year’s plan

Finally, Xiao Jie, vice president of operations of xinfengtai group, and Cai Weinan, general manager of xinmingyang Toyota, made a detailed understanding of the new models and the planning of the manufacturer next year, and made higher demands. and more specific for the sales department.

The visit of Minister Dan Tian and his delegation to Xinmingyang Toyota improved the morale of the whole store, made us confident to challenge the goal of one million units in 2022 and had a clear strategy for each model. . Finally, we guarantee that we are confident and determined to win last month’s marketing war with FAW Toyota, and look forward to working with FAW Toyota to complete the grand one million unit plan in 2022.


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