RALEIGH – Throughout this year, the North Carolina Department of Transportation has recognized the efforts of the North Carolina Division of the Office of Motor Vehicle Licensing and Theft, but on September 18, NCDOT wishes recognize all law enforcement officials for the National Police Officer Appreciation Day.

“This is a day that we honor all law enforcement, and on behalf of the North Carolina Department of Transportation, I offer our deepest gratitude to everyone nationwide who serves to maintain the ‘order and protect our citizens, ”said Eric Boyette, secretary of the State Department for Transportation. “I must also recognize the outstanding work of our own licensing and flight office during their 100 years of service to our state.”

The License and Theft Bureau, founded in 1921, is the oldest law enforcement agency in the state of North Carolina. The Bureau is responsible for enforcing all federal and state laws that regulate the operation of motor vehicles, motor vehicle dealerships, and safety and emissions inspection stations. The agency also conducts criminal investigations into auto theft, driver’s license and identity fraud, as well as other DMV-related crimes.

In addition to its law enforcement work, the Office has remained dedicated to community enrichment even during the pandemic, striving to participate in several community service events statewide.

The License and Theft Bureau kicked off the celebration of 100 years of service to North Carolinians with a virtual ceremony in February. He plans to host an additional event in December with top speakers and current and former members of the agency.

NCDOT has also developed partnerships with various law enforcement agencies through the efforts of its Governor’s Road Safety Program, which recently concluded its Labor Day Booze It and Lose It campaign, aimed at preventing drivers impaired driving on the roads.

Learn more about the Office of Licensing and Theft and see photos and videos acknowledging their work by visiting https://www.ncdot.gov/dmv/programs/fraud-theft/Pages/100th-anniversary.aspx. To learn more about the Governor’s Road Safety Program, visit https://www.ncdot.gov/initiatives-policies/safety/ghsp/Pages/default.aspx.


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