Fort Worth Police use humor to attract new officers to join the department.

Their latest recruiting video, which is more akin to a used car dealership commercial, features Officer Big B detailing the various opportunities available at the Fort Worth Police Department.

The video begins with Officer Big B explaining the various vehicles available to the department, from patrol vehicles and Ford Explorers to Chevrolet Tahoes and Ford F150 Responders.

For candidates who feel they don’t have a “squat,” the Fort Worth Police Department says they have a solution for that: SWAT. Officer Big B points to an armored vehicle, explaining that it “takes a lick and keeps spinning”.

Fort Worth Police Department

Then, for applicants who want a little more “power,” the Fort Worth Police Department offers the Mounted Unit, which consists of American Quarter Horses and perhaps a few Thoroughbreds.

Agent Big B goes on to explain that the department has a variety of motorcycle options, and for more environmentally conscious applicants, the department has bicycles.

Finally, Officer Big B explains that the department has an “incredible side program” for applicants who aren’t new to the job, saying “we accept trades” in a deep, ominous voice.

Fort Worth Police Department

The video ends as Officer Big B stands in front of an orange sports car with the words “Fort Worth Police” etched into the side. Another officer stands next to him, waving his arms in the air and mimicking an air dancer from a car dealership.

To apply to the Fort Worth Police Department, call 817-392-5591 or email [email protected]

Fort Worth Police Department


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