Why is domain rating important for car dealerships? We take a look at which dealerships are ahead and how everyone else can improve.

We’ve been working with Renault Retail Group and Carzam for some time now, so we decided to look at other leading UK car dealerships to see how they drive their digital performance and to find out who the winners and losers are on this competitive market.

Why is domain authority important for car dealerships?

One thing we like to find out about brands in a certain space is how authoritative they are perceived by search engines. This is an easily obtained measurement that can be a useful reference. This can be seen through their ‘Domain Rating’. Knowing this, we instantly understand where they rate among all websites and it gives an indicator of how high on a search engine results page (SERP) a given site will show and therefore how much improvement is needed for that he climbs in the rankings. It’s also a sign of your company’s credibility, so it’s important to look for a high DR. Domain scores are scored between 1 and 100, with 100 being the best. Scores between 40 and 50 are considered average, 50 and 60 should be considered good, above 60 is excellent.

For car dealerships competing for an ever-shrinking pool of customers (who are increasingly turning to online car retailers), being on the lookout for any form of SEO is key to occupying the market. main SERP space and be the first thing consumers see!

How 12 Big Brands Are Doing

Given how important organic visibility is to dealerships, we were surprised that only four of the 12 dealerships we reviewed scored “excellent” – Arnold Clark, Lookers, Jardine Motors and Sytner. Even then, none of those four topped 70.

Five of our dealers are considered “means” (Inchcape, Vertu Motors, JCT 600, Group 1 Automotive and Listers) while Marshall Motor Holdings, the UK’s 7th largest car dealership, scored a very low 28. Although they may excel in other areas of digital and offline marketing, any weakness in digital performance can become a significant issue for any brand.

Where is the greatest chance for improvement?

You might think that like few brands in this space excel at DR, it’s not an area you need to worry too much about. But, if you look at it another way, improving your domain ranking and backlink profile gives you a huge chance to get ahead of the competition!

It’s important to know how your competitors acquire a high DR, so you can spot opportunities and assess how to acquire them on your own. Using tools like Ahrefs to get backlink profiles for your competitors helps identify the type of content they are linking to and how to increase your own domain ranking, referral rate and brand awareness. .

We suggest the following –

  • See how you can acquire high quality backlinks from sites with high DR themselves (use a tool like Ahrefs to find out how a site ranks!).
  • Look at your content to make sure its link worthy and people want to share it.
  • Remove old and incorrect links that could affect your scores, such as directories and link farms.
  • Examine the structure of your website and ensure that the user experience is optimized.

Find out more about the car dealerships that are outpacing their competitors in our competitive intelligence report. Contact us for your free copy!

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