Today, Wrapmate is thrilled to announce a new product offering tailored specifically for commercial vehicle dealers. Featuring exclusive Wrapmate core technology, this program provides dealers with an end-to-end ordering platform that creates a seamless digital experience for dealers to sell graphics of vehicles of all sizes directly to customers at the point of sale. purchase of the vehicle.

The Trade Concession Program offers a new revenue stream for dealers, making it more efficient and lucrative when it comes to upselling ancillary products. When a commercial vehicle customer goes to a local dealership to buy the van or truck they want, the seller can offer the customer any graphics package seamlessly through a simple portal powered by Wrapmate. The exact price is displayed instantly for any size graphic or wrap on each vehicle, which already includes dealer incentives.

To make it even easier for dealers to work with Wrapmate, the program begins with a comprehensive onboarding process to promote and implement the program, maximizing the growth potential of every dealer involved. As dealers close their customers through the platform, all orders will be filled and fulfilled behind the scenes by Wrapmate. Once Wrapmate has completed all project logistics, a local Wrapmate Pro will then complete the customer’s installation using best in class. 3M vinyl materials.

“We are excited to provide commercial resellers across the United States with the ability to effortlessly offer packaging and graphics products to their customers,” says Javier Lozano Jr., Marketing Director of Wrapmate. “With Wrapmate providing each individual dealer with all the tools they need to successfully sell graphics at the point of sale, we are confident graphics will become the most popular ancillary product for dealers as well as a great source of commission. for individual sales representatives.

After 6 months of piloting the program with highly influential resellers across the United States, Wrapmate officially launches its full version today. Early dealer groups have been very successful so far and have demonstrated that this program can generate new demand for vehicle graphics.

“Since joining Wrapmate’s dealership program, presenting customers with vehicle point-of-purchase packaging and graphics is simple and seamless. With this turnkey solution created by Wrapmate, we have already completed a graphic project of 10 vehicles for an Australian mining company,” Eric Roberg explained, sales manager at Phil Long Ford of denver.

Besides, Adam Elene of Velocity Vehicle Group shared, “While we are very new to the dealership program, we are already seeing early signs of success. In our first month of launch, we have an agreement underway to complete the wrap of 100 vehicles through Wrapmate’s We look forward to completing this order and many more in the near future.”

To join the program or learn more, visit today.

Graphic design professionals interested in receiving print and install projects from Wrapmate can sign up to become a Wrapmate Pro at

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Wrapmate is an all-in-one digital platform for business owners and consumers to design, produce and install their vehicle wrapping and graphics projects in any city in the United States. Using Wrapmate’s advanced technologies, customers can view, purchase and even finance their vehicle graphics in the easiest way possible. In addition, Wrapmate supports a nationwide network of over 1,300 licensed graphic design professionals known as Wrapmate Pros, providing them with local client projects and solutions to grow their business. To learn more, visit

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